About Bookgreener


All you have to do is have an amazing time in one of our properties.

We believe that hotels that care about the environment, about their staff and the communities around them are also likely to take better care of their guests. We believe that sustainability is a pre requisite to a good experience.

But it only starts there. All our members wow their guests and have the track record to prove it. They understand that the best way to succeed is by delivering ridiculously good service.

For BookGreener members, True Luxury is all about time, space and privacy. They aim at inspiring a lifetime of rare experiences because luxury is about creating something rare, something new, true and inspiring.

Staying at a BookGreener property, you are giving back as much – if not more – than what you take away. Often in ways you’d never expect.

We believe that your travel dollars should stay where you spend them.

When it comes down to booking your room, we give you the choice between booking directly with the hotel or going to Booking.com. Hotels offer the best available rate and we recommend you to book through them directly saving them a hefty commission. Up to you!

Thinkoutsidethetrash – our non for profit initiative

It is about hoteliers committing to preserving Bali’s eco-system through sustainable waste management, staff education and working with their communities to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We recognize and support hoteliers who want to minimise their negative impact on the environment and make a positive impact on their local communities.


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