Looking for a prime trekking destination? Look no further! Trekking in Bali offers some of the most awe-inspiring experiences, invigorating for both mind and body. You can trek Balinese mountain terrain and enjoy an unforgettable sunrise over the peaks. Or traverse volcanic rock to view the magical temple of Pura Besahih, poised on the slopes of Mount Agung. Walk through jungle forestry to enjoy hidden waterfalls and a sacred temple. Trekking takes you to the turquoise lakes: Tamblighan and Buiyan, and through lush, green, rural countryside. Taking a hike along the Balinese coast offers unrivalled ocean views.

Here is a small selection of trekking opportunities in Bali:

Mount Agung – a more challenging trek recommended for the intrepid trekker. Mount Agung is a semi-active volcano stretching 3142m above seawater. The panoramic views from the summit are unbeatable. Considered by some as the holiest of Bali’s mountains, Mount Agung is home to Bali’s biggest temple. Pura Besahih nestles majestically within Mount Agung’s slopes.

Mount Batur – the most popular of the volcanic treks: the rising of the sun behind the peaks is sublime. It is best to trek through the night so you reach the heights of the mountain for the 6am sunrise. The dramatic sunrise is viewed overlooking Mount Rijani.

Caldera Batur – for those who wish to explore ‘off the beaten track’. You can trek through rural countryside, discovering native Balinese villages and experiencing tranquillity whilst wandering through plantations and rice paddies. The strikingly turquoise waters of Lake Batur, nuzzled seductively in surrounding mountains, can be reached from this trek.

Munduk – deep jungle trekking. Jungle treks offer a haven of exquisite tropical flora, and fauna. Trek deep into the sacred valley and stumble across beautiful waterfalls and a lesser visited Balinese temple.

The Munduk Jungle is also trekking terrain for those wishing to visit the twin lakes of Tamblingham and Buiyan. This is a popular Northern trekking trail, which takes you through plantations and rural villages, to the dazzling pristine lake-waters.

Need somewhere to stay?

Many of our hotels are ideal bases for some of the longer, more difficult treks and can provide guides and maps as you need. In addition, the countryside around the hotels is effortlessly beautiful, dramatic and striking. You will never be short of stunning scenery if you want a quick re-invigorating stomp, or a meditative stroll. All hotels are situated in prime locations for walkers.

COMO Shambala Estate

COMO Shambala - trees

COMO Shambala Estate is located in Ubud, in the heart of Bali. It is a perfect place for trekking lovers. Four to five hour guided treks leave from COMO taking you through lush, green rice paddies, past the Wos rivers, and via volcanic terrain to the retreat’s sister property, Uma Ubud. Here you can enjoy a leisurely breather before riding back, by bike, to COMO. Back at the retreat, you can revive with one of the many unique wellness treatments.

COMO Shambala Estate, Ubud, Bali

Alila Ubud

Alila Ubud - room view

Alila Ubud is a secluded hillside retreat with stunning views over the dense green Ayung River Valley. From here you can enjoy three and half hours of Payangan countryside trekking. This trek is full of wonders, taking you through rice terraces and countryside to rivers and waterfalls. There is an expert guide to explain everything about the local culture, fauna and flora.

Alila Ubud, Ubud, Bali

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud - pool

Bordered by the Petani River Valley, Maya Resort, is a haven of tropical gardens, in the heart of Ubud. From here you can take a leisurely paced trek through the rain forest, explore ancient temples, including Goa Gajah, and visit authentic traditional Balinese villages where you will be welcomed by the friendly Balinese people. You can also explore the nearby rice terraces of Sakembang, observe the farmers and rice cultivation, and enjoy stunning views of the Petani River.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Ubud, Bali

Alila Manggis

Alila Manggis sunset

Alila Manggis is situated on the East side of Bali near the quiet coastal city of Candidasa, Notice in advance is required to experience the truly exciting Mount Agung trek. For those of you seeking a challenge this adventurous eight-hour climb up the slopes of Mount Agung is worth the effort. The trek departs at night from the hotel in order to reach the peak in time for the unforgettable sunrise.

Alila Manggis, Candidasa, Bali

Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay restaurant kitchen

Bali Eco Stay is situated on the slopes of Mount Batukaru where the rice paddies meet the jungle greenery. This resort also has spectacular views over the ocean. There are several choices of guided treks with various degrees of difficulty. Bali Eco Stay offers rainforest walks with a certified guide. The jungle treks start at Jatilawah Temple and meander up to the mountain, which leads to Batukaru Temple. Here you can continue to the 1800 meter level if you choose to. The hardest, though impressive, climb is to Mount Batukaru. This is an eight-hour trek with the possibility of camping overnight. If you’re looking for adventure, and a memorable experience, it is recommended that you add this to your list.

Bali Eco Stay, Tebanan, Bali

Puri Dajuma

Ppuri Dajuma - pool west view

Puri Dajuma Eco Resort is on Bali’s West coast where it tends to be less crowded with island visitors. Built in a traditional Balinese style this retreat has a prime beachside location. It is close to West Bali National Park, which is home to tropical rain forests, semi-active volcanoes and a variety of impressive landscapes. You can trek here, and also take a guided tour to Western Java, another of Bali’s National Parks. The Semeru National Park is one of the Indonesia‘s largest, most impressive, desert-like terrains. It is eagerly traversed by trekkers.

Puri Dajuma Eco Resort, Pekutatan, Bali


Sanak by the pool

Sanak is a charming family-run retreat, near the famous Munduk village. The retreat is situated close to a coffee and clove plantation. Exploring this terrain is part of the pleasure trek offered here. Experience a beautiful walk through the rice fields to the villages of Kauyputih and Banyuatis where you can see the roasting of coffee and the production of clove oil, clove buds and leaves. The onwards journey leads to Tamblingan, a lake of breath-taking beauty. Here you can hop on a handcrafted canoe, accompanied by a guide, and visit an ancient holy temple. On the way back to Sanak, you can dip in the glorious Munduk waterfall to revive and replenish.

Sanak, Munduk, Bali

Surya Shanti Villa

Situated in the tranquillity of Sidemen Valley, Surya Shanti Villa is ideally located for exploring Bali’s most sacred mountain. For serious trekkers, this seven-hour climb begins with views over the volcanic lakes and the Indian Ocean. The climate is kept cooler by Mount Agung. As well as this ‘once in a lifetime’ hike, the expert guide will also take you for a short one-hour trek through the surrounding rice fields. On this enjoyable hike you can learn about native flora and Balinese culture.

Surya Shanti Villa, Sidemen, Bali

Village above the Clouds

Situated in Bali’s central highlands, in the Munduk Village, this retreat offers enviable views and a restorative experience far away from bustling tourist areas. You can enjoy the lush green mountainous scenery in absolute serenity. And also take advantage of the numerous activities. Cycling, running and hiking are offered on a number of routes. Indulging in the plentiful delights nature has to offer, you can soak in natural hot springs or fresh water springs. There is also a trek that takes you to a traditional water temple hidden within a bamboo forest.

Village Above The Clouds, Munduk, Bali

Trekking Bali is an unmissable experience with tours designed to give you the ultimate in what the island has to offer. Bali has stunning natural beauty and hidden cultural gems. Trekking tours offer you breathtaking scenery, unbeatable cultural experiences and the opportunity to see the ‘real Bali’ whilst being welcomed by the warm and friendly Balinese people.