The Mystery Tour of Bali


Instead of choosing your next vacation destination, what if it was a surprise?
Join our out-of-the-ordinary luxury travel tour to discover the intimate and true nature of Bali.

With The Mystery Tour of Bali, the focus is shifted from the ‘where’ to travel to ‘why’ you travel. Let us surprise you, step into the mystery and be amazed with what you discover. Arrive as a guest, feel like a king and leave as a friend.

How does it work?

You fill in a detailed questionnaire online about your taste and preferences. An expert genie of Bali will contact you and schedule an online meet-up to plan the main elements of the mystery trip. By the end, we will know enough about you and your partner(s) to organize the most incredible trip of your life.

We will then send you a final quotation so there are no surprises in that regard, the length of the trip and other elements.

What fans say about the Mystery Trip:

As the week came to an end, I realized how much I had been personally transformed by this trip. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I really immersed myself in a situation where every day allowed new experiences to unfold. As older women, it’s easy to feel like reinvention is something that only happens to other people. This trip taught me that we are the only ones holding ourselves back. My pretend honeymoon was the start of a beautiful love affair – with myself!

Margaret Manning from Sixty and Me

In this day and age when we can predict anything that happen in our lives, it is great to lose control, let somebody else take care of everything. That’s what The Mystery Tour of Bali is all about.


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