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Mudanwan Villa

Taiwan | 2 nights for 2 adults

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This is a hotel voucher for a 2 night stay at the Mudanwan Villa in Taiwan. Reduced from $898 to $690 compared to*

  • Valid for 2 adults for 2 nights in a Honeymoon Suite
  • Includes breakfast and dinner

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Mudanwan Villa, Taiwan, is hidden away in its own secluded world, where winding mountain paths make the hustle and bustle of life nowhere to be found. All that is left is the natural beauty of the paradise.

Detached villas line the shores of Toumu Lake, dotted amongst the luxurious landscaping, looking as though one with the mountains. Slate walls rise from the ground, and the wooden carving of a hundred pacer tells of a century-old Paiwan culture, and how the people are never apart from their verdant mountains and green waters.

In Mudanwan Hot Springs are Simply Part of Everyday Life. Mudanwan’s hot springs come from Syuhai. The water contains a gentle grade of sodium bicarbonate and is known as a ‘Beauty Bath’. Both our hot and cold baths are 100% hot spring water, with the 51.5°C water coming straight from the ground and our 38°C water being held and cooled by us especially for our guests before use so that all of our guests may find the right temperature for them.

Whether you bath in the steam of your own private bathroom or try the natural wildness of our riverside public pools, you’ll be enjoying a spa-level experience fit for a king or queen.

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Mudanwan Villa
Mudan Township


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Voucher Conditions

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  • Valid for 2 adults for 2 nights in a Honeymoon Suite
  • Includes breakfast and dinner
  • This voucher is valid until 31 March 2017
  • Booking is subject to availability
  • The voucher must be presented upon check-in
  • This voucher can only be used once

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